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About ResourceClinical

ResourceClinical is an extensive directory of clinical medicine and drug information links. ResourceClinical has been designed for the busy pharmacist, doctor and other healthcare professionals in mind. We know how time consuming it can be to look for clinical medicine and drug information over the internet. We also know that there are a vast number of websites out there with the information you’re searching for and the very least a starting point for the information we seek, however keeping track of all these websites can be difficult. At times these websites may not rank well in the search engines and as a result we may have to get through a number of pages until we get to what we’re looking for.

We have an extensive range of links which cover the latest clinical guidelines, clinical practices, continuing education resources, journal articles and much more. We regularly update our clinical medicine and drug information directory by finding new links and checking our existing links database.

ResourceClinical aim to help the health professional locate the vast array of clinical medicine and drug information resources that will be useful in their jobs and careers, all from one reference point ‘ResourceClinical.’

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