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Potency of Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents (Beta-Blockers)


This table lists the beta-1 blockade potency ratios for beta-adrenergic receptor blockers. These ratios are compared to propranolol, which has a ratio of 1.


Generation Beta-Blockers Potency Ratio Propranolol = 1
Second Acebutolol 0.3
Second Atenolol 1.0
Second Bisoprolol 10.0
Third Carvedilol 10.0
Third Labetalol 0.3
Second Metoprolol 1.0
First Nadolol 1.0
Third Nebivolol 10.0
First Oxprenolol 0.5-1.0
First Pindolol 6.0
First Propranolol 1.0
First Sotalol 0.3


Note. Ratio data presented in the table is from:

1. Frishman WH. Alpha- and Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Drugs. In: Frishman WH, Sica DA, eds. Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics. 3rd edition. Minneapolis: Cardiotext Publishing; 2011:65.

2. Lechat P. Clinical Pharmacology of Beta-Blockers in Cardiology: Trial Results and Clinical Applications. Hot Topics in Cardiology 2008;10:7-44.




Prepared: 27th July 2015


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